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This Mirror Has Two Faces.

I am fed up with the War on Drugs.

But I am also fed up with the attitude of many who still think ( yes, even in 2011 ) that the root of the problem, the source of all evil can  be attributed to only one country, one nation, one group of people, when in reality this is a world-wide problem that has affected us all and has caused  the death of many innocents and brought sadness and violence to every corner of the world that has had to suffer it.

Even here on EP I have seen stories on the War on Drugs, where the blame falls completely on one side of the problem  (namely, one country) and ignores the other  ( Drug Users ) simply because it suits a political agenda. Politics, Religion but mainly Racism and Ignorance make these EP posters believe totally biased concepts where it is acceptable that one holier than thou country can totally blame another for all the troubles caused by drugs and forgets the hundreds of thousands of local users who are the ones that keep the drug business thriving, despite the War on Drugs.

It is a very one sided logic , not very rational and for that matter, not fair at all.

The drug problem as I stated above, is worldwide and not a matter that concerns and affects just one country.

According to some  posters here who believe the world begins and ends in the USA , the blame of course, has to be on the dealers ( particularly on the foreign ones, as if the USA alone didn´t have its own drug mafia ) completely forgetting ( or purposely ignoring ?)  the main source of income of said dealers which are the hundreds of thousands of American consumers or drug addicts that have kept them in business for decades. Many of said drug addicts are even glorified celebrities that are praised  and adored by the public despite the well known fact that they are habitual drug users.

Sure, the dealers are hardcore criminals that must pay for their crimes but the same can be said of the thousands of druggies who have blood in their hands  by being willing to pay absurd kinds of money to maintain their habits , completely indifferent to the chaos and turmoil they have created .

The drug problem as you see,  has two faces :  Supply and Demand.

Both, suppliers and consumers are equally guilty and therefore both must be held equally responsible for the thousands of lives lost in the War against Drugs and of all the tragedies and misery they have caused in this world.

Always keep that in mind.
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Thank you, foldedunfolding. I am glad you liked my story. Yes, unbenknownst to many drug users in consumer countries, bloodshed, kidnappings, murder and terrorism are some of the horrific side effects of the drug trade in supply countries.. It´s always something to keep in mind.

very well-written. i totally see your point....i just couldn't wrap my mind around having blood on my hands for smoking weed tho~will have to think on this.

Thank you, puck. I truly appreciate your comment. And needless to say, I agree.

Awesome post, and one would have to be a complete fool to disagree. In my past I've bought and sold drugs and I know for a fact that there is death, exploitation, and even torture commonly involved in the drug trade.<br />
It might be interesting to note that the American Tobacco machine imposed sanctions on some Indonesian countries to coerce them into buying and selling American tobacco. <br />
Yes the mirror has two faces and fangs............

I agree, this is a vicious cycle of supply and demand. It's a tragic symbiotic relationship, and a very complex one as well. <br />
<br />
I think people seek out drugs mainly to escape from the pain in their lives. All of us have pain we would rather not deal with, but not everyone turns to drugs in an effort to relieve the torment. For whatever reasons, some people in their desperation for relief, will do just about anything.<br />
<br />
Then there are the kids - who are looking for fun and kicks. Not old enough to possess the knowledge or wisdom of the danger they are toying with. And adults who enjoy recreational use.<br />
<br />
Of course, there is the money aspect as well. Humans are a greedy lot, and in our current society money is power, so the lucrative business continues to attract an unwelcomed element.<br />
<br />
There are so many levels to this problem that unfortunately I don't know that it can ever be eradicated. As long as there are humans, I think there will be drug use of some sort. Perhaps the best we can hope for is to minimize drug abuse, much in the same way we have discouraged cigarette smoking.

I like your thoughts....<br />
<br />
We are all connected in some way, <br />
many problems are superficial ex<x>pressions of things with underlying complexity beyond belief.<br />
<br />
Simple solutions (especially couched as political slogans) are attractive because they are simple and fit inside most people's minds in a sound bite. <br />
<br />
Unfortunately they are rarely effective when applied to the inertia of a system which has taken ages to establish and is supported by wealth and power.

it is what people want! when people who want to get high; they will pay anything; if one drug is not available they will simply look for an alternative! <br />
<br />
the producers are looking for a better life for themselves; drugs support thousands of poor and hungry peasants as well!<br />
both the user and the suppliers, are willing to go to any lengths to get what they want... hence a lot of criminal activity<br />
<br />
so yes! a change of attitude is where we should all be thinking!<br />
<br />
that is all Governments; Religions; suppliers ; users ; police and the public in general!<br />
<br />
there is an answer out there somewhere.... keep talking

There are many choices. The one they are using is only one choice. They are unaware of any other. Even better.

Thanks for your wonderful answer, Barry.
I appreciate it :-) and needless to say, I agree.

you know i am a victim of the drug trade! i was incarcerated in Columbia for 3 years! so i speak a broken bit of Spanish!