Who Is That Person In The Mirror??

I looked into a mirror today : stare-ing back was a broken shell of a man. WHo is that? The guy was unemployed, suicidaly depressed,hopeless and helpless. He was ashamed of himself,embarassed to be in his position ,sad. Who the heck is that in the mirror? The guy was gravely disapointed with his life,disgusted by his  place ,horrifiacly amazed that his decisions and choices and actions had led him here....to complete ,total ,abject failure as a man and as a "member" of  society. WOW who is that guy? whats his story? is He going to be ok? the guy in the mirror was frozen: so many decisions,so many failures, so much depression... scared to trust his mind, scared to say to someone  I need help I am depressed, I dont have long, I can not allow this further. The guy in the mirror looked as though he needed to talk , has needed to talk for several decades, holding in the pain,confusion of self ,crying,wailing day after day ,in silence in "company". I wonder what has happened ? where is his family? what became of his happy life years ago with his happy wife?? the guy in the mirror said nothing of it. Did he once own a home? have a job? friends? recreation? wow My silent question have no end for this guy in the mirror.  WOW who in the hell is that guy in the mirror I hope he can be helped ,I hope he will ask for  it  Does help for the guy in the mirror even exist?? HMMMMM. Glad he is not me
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