At This Point It Seems a Little Hypocrytical

Ahh the war on drugs.... you'd think that our government wanted to keep us clean... but wait.... there is a legal way to get drugged up... just go to your Doctor and nab one of the psychotropic drugs they advertise on TV.  I've had so many people confess to me that they were on prescribed drugs that I'm not certain that I'm not the only one that only takes a little bit of Advil once and a while.

In short, I think the war on drugs is a way to keep the "Drug Dealer" on the streets from stealing coorperate profits.

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2 Responses Jun 22, 2008

Ahhh... you may say that however...<br />
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You can't sue your drug dealer, you can sue a pharmaceutical company. American ethics, neh?

careful, the CIA might have you killed