Illegalize Cigarettes and Stop Cashing In On Deaths

This topic ALWAYS burns my butt!! There are MANY drugs that are far less addictive than cigarettes and are far less harmful to one's health. BUT making cigarettes ILLEGAL, would mean the government would LOSE way too much CASH and would have fewer people offering up money for politicians to run their insanely EXPENSIVE campaigns. LEGALIZE pot, which at LEAST does have some medicinal benefits and make CIGARETTES illegal, that we KNOW kill and lead too MANY other health issues AS WELL AS killing people with second hand smoke. AM i off my rocker, or does anyone else agree and think our governments AGAIN are NUTS!!
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You are so Right On! did you know that marijuana actually combats cancer in lung cancer patients?

I have to say I dont agree cigs should be illegal. For one this is suppose to be a free country and if someone wants to smoke they should be able to (although not in public places). Not everyone will stop smoking BC it is illegal and I really think our tax money and prison space should be used to deal with criminals who harm other people or society. prohibition didnt work and neither would banning cigaretts. As far as the govt cashing in on cigarettes, I say its a good thing, id rather have the gvt get some extra tax from smokers then raising taxes on others.

I have to say I dont agree cigs should be illegal. For one this is suppose to be a free country and if someone wants to smoke they should be able to (although not in public places). Not everyone will stop smoking BC it is illegal and I really think our tax money and prison space should be used to deal with criminals who harm other people or society. prohibition didnt work and neither would banning cigaretts. As far as the govt cashing in on cigarettes, I say its a good thing, id rather have the gvt get some extra tax from smokers then raising taxes on others.

You are right on!!!!!!!!! Jail sentences for those who smoke with children present in cars and indoors!!!! Absolutelutly no medi cade no medi care for folks with tobacco caused sickness. Hefty fines for throwing the disgusting butts on the ground, heavy fines for smoking within fifty feet of any door in or out of any public location,anywhere.Legalized pot will not increase or decrease its numbers of users:). Free the pot offenders,make room for true criminals in this nations prisons

Theres like no way to illegalize tobacco, it would do a lot of people some good, but its physically impossible. weed needs to be legalized, for economic reasons, medical reasons, and just the freedom to do it

marijuana is almost as bad as cigarettes. Both leave tar in your lungs, and inhaling the fumes of any herbacious substance, be it tobacco, cannabis, or whatever, will release toxins that are then inhaled and brought into the body. I would like to see cigarettes only have tobacco in them though, instead of tobacco AND weird additives (like nicotine)!

Sorry if someone already mentioned this before me but i dont have time to read 6 pages so ill just say it. Tobacco itself is not near as bad as cigarettes. You can get a list of all the chemicals added to cigarettes. In general what they do is turn the leaf into a pulp add chemicals (re-add nicotine) then turn it into a paper and shred it. Ganja would be horrible to if they did that to it.

First off, let me just say that I am not a smoker, but I am aware that there are 45 million adult smokers in the US. If you think that your bitching is going to do anything other than make people aware of the bug up your ***, than you are delusional. Smokers are here to stay. Get over it!

Ok not to start an argument here. But have you people ever considered the rights of individuals that smoke. Yes a lot of us(and I stress Us, because I am a smoker, of ciggerettes not herb) are addicted to ciggarettes, but that a few of us don't want to stop smoking? Because we like it? What you are preposing is a violation of people's rights. and while you have rights to not be around people that smoke or not to sit in the smoking section of a resturant. What you are trying to do is take away us smoker's rights to smoke. You don't like it when someone that smokes sits down next to you and lights up? ok we get that. and a lot of us are considerate of the fact that there are people out there that do not smoke and that do not want to be around it. and so if asked nicely would be more than willing to postpone our ciggarette until we could be somewhere that smoking doesn't bother anyone. But You don't ask. and while all smoker's don't ask either. They should. But that doesn't mean that you can take our rights away and it doesn't mean that you should be allowed to. Just like we wouldn't force you to sit in a smoking area if you didn't want to. You shouldn't force us to stop smoking just because you don't like it. and if you wanna get into it about Herbs! Yes herbs can and have been proven to help treat some forms of illnesses. The addiction to it though is no less than ciggarettes and if you tell yourself that then your a fool. Not to mention that herbs have also been proven to have a by far greater consequence on a person's mental status that ciggarettes. Ask my mother who's been a psyciatric nurse on and off for 15 years. Anyway the point is. If you want smoker's to respect your rights as non- smokers then you need to respect their rights as well.

Tobacco is becoming more illegal every day, if you hadn't noticed... of course the government's ideal situation would be for everyone to be buying them and not smoking any! <br><br />
Personally I'm not a big fan of making things illegal when they don't harm others. There's a reasonable argument that passive smoking counts as "harm", but offering some sort of subsidy to non-smoking establishments until there existed a "reasonable number" of them but allowed the owners to run a competitive business would be better than an outright ban. However, saying fattening foods should be made illegal because they are "bad for you", I find chilling. Do you really want a government that tells you what you can and can't *eat*? Narcotics laws are bad enough, but that kind of legalised morality is just starting to disappear, without people campaigning to bring it back in another form...

You're absolutely right. Tobacco industries are powerful and rich and have their way with politicians. But the tide is turning. Tobacco *will* be illegal, even the dumbest kid in class will eventually understand how much damage it does.

rcrisp is right woman who pms should not have to stop. But I totally agree pot should be legal. Only thing is it would cost more than 60.00 an ounce[ least that is what someone told me I wouldnt know]. And fat foods should also be illegal, from what I hear about what it cost for medical and other. I salute you alwaysremember for bringing it up. IVE NEVER SEEN ANYONE BORING HIGH EVERY THING IS FUNNY AT LEAST THATS WHAT I HEAR!!!

all I can say is natural selection<br />
<br />
honestly, if all drugs were controlled and distributed by the government, then the money would no longer go to gangs to fund their personal armies. Right now, it is much easier for kids to get their hands on marijuana than alcohol.<br />
<br />
Cigarette use is on the decline, and tobacco distributors are feeling the pain. It is thanks to ad campaigns and interest groups, not law.<br />
<br />
Prohibition does not decrease drug usage. It only diverts the flow of money.<br />
<br />
End prohibition.<br />
Ruin criminal income.

Oh friend this is something I have thought of often.I am 50 yrs old,when I was in my teens the smoking ads were telling us it was quite ok to smoke besides if you wanted to be a cowboy or airline pilot or even a race car driver you got the imperession you had to smoke. So I took up the cursed habbit.OK Advance30+ years until know,I have been smoking since then and cannot shake the addiction ,I hate the fact I am addicted to it now my lungs probably look like burnt toast and wouldn't you know it the ads are now telling us the smoking is bad for you.Very harmful to your health,but still they sell.what other addictive substance do you know of that you can walk out your backdoor at any time of night or day and in any direction and have access to it with minutes.The double standards here defy belief.How can goverment justify selling this killer product still.They may as well legalise hard drugs.Is there any country in the world that has banned the sale of tobacoo I heard Nepal did

Just to let you know on the flip-side there are benefits to smoking (some medicinal and mostly socio-economic in basis).<br />
<br />

The FDA was recently granted the role of regulating tobacco. This means there will probably be less chemicals or more precise warnings. This also means that advertising will be cut..or cut out all together. <br />
<br />
Marijuana may not be addictive physically, but it is just as addictive mentally. People use it the same as cigarettes to combat everyday stress. It has the power to alter someone's personality and make them unable to do certain things. With cigarettes....the worse you get is being grouchy if they don't have any. <br />
<br />
I'm not sure how documented it is, but marijuana damages the lungs as well. The chemicals also have the power to lean towards cancer...just the same as cigarettes. <br />
<br />
I believe with anything addictive, it's all in moderation. While I don't personally believe that pot should be legalized..just the same as I don't think cigarettes should be outlawed (Although alcohol is an iffy subject with me), I think people should focus on moderation...not an outright stop of every known vice on the

Totally agree with you. Smoking is pointless... They taste disgusting, and they cause cancer. I have never heard of anyone dying from smoking too much marijuana. Now I have had some serious cases of the munchies, but that's as far as it goes.Pot at least helps me with my depression, and bipolar disorder. LEGALIZE IT!

i completely agree with you. pot is practically harmless in comparison to cigarettes. i don't personally smoke weed, but i think that people who desire to smoke a natural, yes, natural, drug, like pot, should completely have the right. in the same vein, i'm really only opposed to the crappy, chemical-filled cigarettes on the market today. i think we should regress to all-natural tobacco cigarettes. if we stick to natural stuff, than nobody really loses, i think.

Cigarettes are legal because this country was founded on them. The tobacco industry is our economy's backbone. Weed is illegal because the best weed is imported, therefore the government can't tax it. I love ciggarettes, and the economy already sucks - so let's not make it worse. Leave my dirty smoking habit alone. I'm all for legalizing pot, but let me keep my cigarettes.

money aside, i ultimately think that illegalizing ciggs and alcohol would casue more overcrowding in our already overcrowded jails/prisons.....i think the crime rate would steadily increase because cops would be too busy busting these new petty criminals [its no longer potheads and methheads, now were busy chasing down people with ciggs and beer, while the real criminal goes unnoticed robbing stores or raping women]. <br />
<br />
i also think that by illegalizing what is already legal, you've pretty much lost all chance at legalizing what is alreaday illegal.<br />
<br />
and as for the deaths related to alcohol abuse....there should be stricter punishments for alcohol abuse. and as for those increasing their chance of lung cancer by choosing to smoke tabacco...thats their choice, not yours. and as for second hand smoke, non smokers being affected by smokers.....the new rules they've put into affect pretty much take care of cant smoke in public anymore.....<br />
<br />
my opinion---lets keep whats legal, legal....and focus on legalizing whats illegal

i think drugs should be legal and have the same warning and side effects labels as anything else on the market today........but in an effort to make everyone happy lets outlaw drug abuse, much like they already do with alcohol. if your severly high or stoned in public....then you should get arrested. but what you do in your own home should be your own damn for cigarettes, i'm not about to step on someone elses rights....keep 'em legal

I have been off cigs nearly 2 years now, but even when I was a dedicated smoker I often wished they were illegal. It's too easy to get hooked, and the whole money thing makes it very hard to dislodge (the govt hardly being likely to throw away "free" money). Just my 2c :)

see cigarettes dont alter your state of mind though. you think just as clearly after smoking if not clearer, you cant say the same for any drug. thats the difference. you dont get high from smoking cigarettes.

I say people should be accountable for what they do to their body.<br />
<br />
We KNOW that cigerettes, alcohol, drugs, caffeine, sugar in large doses, fatty foods, and the like are BAD FOR US... DUH! But people still abuse all of these things. If try to make these things illegal, it will only make the black market stronger and fill our prisons...<br />
<br />
This is just ridiculous.

The use of marijuana, like any other intoxicant, differs from person to person. If you are ignorant enough to want to be hit in the stomach with a fifty pound weight, then that is your problem. You should be able to understand your limitations. I have never met any person who ended up that stupid when smoking weed, and I have met a ton of people. Of course, it is not for everyone, but it has never directly killed ANYONE. Not one single person has died from smoking weed.<br />
<br />
I feel that all drugs should be legalized because if someone wants to kill themselves, go for it. It is your body to do what you will, and people are going to do it anyway. <br />
<br />
And as for banning guns, I feel we should not. That is there for a very good reason in our Bill of Rights. Have you not noticed in history when some dictator such as Hitler comes to power the first thing they do is remove all weapons from citizens? We are a threat to the government with weapons and can keep them in check if they know we have the same things they do.

Honest to God, freedom really just means not telling other people how to live their lives. All freedom is based on people being able to whatever dumbass thing they want to do, as long as it doesn't hurt someone else. Now, second hand smoke does hurt people (I'm asthmatic, it is brutal on me), but as long as someone aren't smoking around other people they can do it as long as they want, because I shouldn't have a right to tell someone else what to do.

AlwaysRemembers--<br />
Maybe this is flogging a dead horse. I know you started this discussion quite a while back. But, the whole discussion intrigued me and made me wonder about your view point.<br />
In reading your profile I saw that you are a smoker. Would it be too personal to ask if that is still the case? If so, do you think the idea of making cigs illegal is a way to skirt your own personal responsibility for the habit and place blame on the big bad government?<br />
Maybe that is just psycho-babble on my part, but after reading the impassioned writing, I was quite surprised to see the whole discussion was launched by a smoker.

don't forget about the three strikes law, if your convicted of dealing drugs three times- you can get sentenced for life, and you wonder why child molesters keep coming back?

You propose making cigs illegal but pot legal. I hate cigs, and think the recent legislation that limits their use in public places is good. I think raising the prices is good. But what do you think would happen if you made them illegal? Do you think that would decrease demand? That would simply drive them underground, make them more expensive and cause cig addicts to be criminalized and put a bigger strain on the criminal justice system.<br />
Adults need to make choices. There are plenty of things that are unhealthy. Will you criminalize Starbucks too?<br />
I work in healthcare. Everyone dies and most people help themselves along the road by doing things that are bad for themselves. Do you ever eat at McDonalds? Those transfats will do a job on your arteries. It is sad you had to see someone dies from cigs. Seeing someone die is never easy. But, sooner or later, we all do it, and in the large majority of the cases there is a pretty obvious cause. We can't make everything illegal.

I agree with the legalization of Pot, but if they illegalized Cigarettes they'd pry have riots in the streets.

I think the money spent on the unwinnable "war on drugs" is probably similar to the tax revenues from tobacco sales. Could be a wash.<br />
At the very least we should stop hassleing the casual marijuanna user.

Yeah, lung cancer aint pretty. But neither is a smashed head on the asphalt thanks to your friendly neighborhood drunk driver.

By this logic, we should also prohibit alcohol. Alcohol kills far more people, including teens, kills far more innocent people, is the cause of countless crimes such as spousal abuse, rape, murders, ******, etc. and drains the nation with policing efforts, medical and jail/prison expenses.<br />
<br />
Now that makes more sense, right?<br />
<br />
Let's give that a shot, America!!! Yeah, right.

Ahhhh, it might be ridiculous until you know someone who dies of lung cancer simply due to the effect of 2nd hand smoke. It's not a pretty site. Ironically the least funded cancer research is on lung cancer due to the stigma that often goes unstated that *oh well, the person essentially did it to themselves*. My initial comment regarding the legalization of pot was somewhat stated sarcastically as i personally don't feel drugs should be legalized, but that is my opinion, the medicinal aspects of pot I don't think should be denied to people who are suffering from chemotherapy and a number of other diseases that the drug is known for lessening the effects of some incredibly difficult and painful ramifications of some diseases. If pot can be legalized in some states, i don't understand why it can't be legalized in ALL states, but h e l l i'm not even a U.S. citizen. By no means do I suggest that legalizing pot should mean that we can purchase it at a corner store, I volunteer for M.A.D.D. and OBVIOUSLY an idiot that takes drugs and gets into a car ranks right up there with the 1000s of idiots who still drive with alcohol in their systems. My beef is that our governments make so much DAMN money from cigarettes, and MAYBE if that money was directed to lung cancer I would not be so puzzled with their hyprocricacy (sp?) but it is not. They sell a drug that KILLS so many people, PROFIT from it and than turn around and make commercials telling people it's addictive and it kills, so stop smoking. I think in this day and age MOST smokers would prefer not to be smoking cigarettes, but the addiction is so strong that it's not that easy. BUT to those who find it ridiculous argument I suggest you speak to a family who lost a loved one due to second hand smoke, it might change SOME people's opinion's but hey if not, SMOKE ON, and hopefully you will be the lucky one without a cigarette related disease, cause if you are one, don't expect the government OR society to give a damn. H e l l even alcoholics get more help with trying to quit their addiction, but nasty pictures on a cigarette carton just doesn't cut it in my books. Peace out!!

You know I used to smoke pot... And then after i did i would smoke about half a pack of cigarettes... Now i know someone is going to say 'well I smoke pot but I don't smoke cigarettes.' That's great, but of all the people I hung out with there wasn't a single one that didn't smoke cigarettes. To the point I guess. I did some stupid things while I was high. People around me did stupid things. People around were hurt. Badly... We did not drink, we did not use any other drugs. We smoked pot. I have never had a laspe in judgement while or from the effects of smoking a cigarette. I have never wrecked a car from smoking a cigarette. I have seen watched someone else almost die from smoking a cigarette. I have never watched someone ask thier best friend to hit them in the stomach with a 50lb dumb bell. And I know you can tell me that cigarettes affect your healtha and yada yada yada but so does pot and so do guns for that matter. I think that there are a lot more important things for us to worry about our polictians and government doing then worring about smoking. This whole complaint it ridiculous.

As for cigarettes relieving anxiety and stress that is a simple result of getting your *fix* from the drug. Actually physiologically (sp?) it is a proven FACT, that cigarettes actually INCREASE anxiety. That is part of the bizaar addiction to them!! BUT as for the person who said let's illegalize handguns i am right there with you. I'm not sure how they could do it but allowing people to buy things that only end up KILLING makes no common sense to me, but hey it's also part of the U.S. Constitution, The Right to Bare Arms, what founding Father made that idiotic contribution!!

I really need a cigarette after that... Back in five

I completely disagree. I smoked pot heavily in high school and seriously can't remember my junior year. So **** all of you who think pot is better than cigs, you're retarded. Cigs are the only thing I have right now that keep me from being put back in the hospital. They keep me calm and help my anxiety. All pot ever did for me was make me worse. Just because pot works for some doesn't mean it does for everyone...and just because you don't like to smoke doesn't mean everyone else should stop for your enjoyment. Everyone who smokes KNOWS it causes health problems, smokers aren't stupid. They just don't give a ****! Leave smokers alone and go smoke some pot and stare at your lava lamp for a few hours, moron.

I totaly agree cigarett smoke is the worst. My dad smokes so I can't escape it and it is realy starting to affect me. I have a therie that cigerett smoke causes depression because everyone I know who has a conection with secount hand smoke is depressed but i am suicidal so I wouldn't know it just might be the generation.

Cigarettes are not good for health, this much is known. However, alcohol vastly outpaces tobacco for killing power. But why not go for the gold and begin with handguns? The only point of a handgun is to kill a person. Eliminate all handguns first. Then you can work your way down to the minor leagues - booze and cigarettes. As to weed, at least it doesn't turn people violent and cause them to wreck their cars. On the other hand, it's a way to make lethargic, passive people even more lethargic and more passive. (I've researched the subject extensively.)

I'm with you on the idea of ending commercial production of cigarettes (or at least that's what I think you're proposing).<br />
<br />
The whole cigarette industry situation makes no sense, especially when you add in the bizarre anti-smoking industry. There's such a vast amount of unnecessary death, disability and massive resource wastage as a result of cigarettes.

No doubt our goverment knows exactly what they are doing and is cashing in on the benefits! I think alcohol is a big killer too! I think being an alcoholic is far worse than just being a pothead! So many people die each year because of alcohol too and you don't see the goverment making that illegal just like cigarettes! Pot is not as bad as people think!

GREAT idea, i never knew that there were any medicinal benefits from cigarrettes. Thanks for educating me!!

I agree! Cigarettes and cigars should be leagal, but it has to be a very slow process! Because of the addiction, the levels of depression and the spending on anti-depressives of the nicotine addicts or in nicotine patches or gums would be a hit too hard on economy in a country because it would affect the work of ppl stopping smoke all at the same time.<br />
And too, there would have to be slow increase in the income from other sources to atone for the lost income from tabacco. So it would have to be a slow transition.<br />
Also, cigarettes could be sold on pharmacies through prescription because there are a few (but truth is there are) good medical uses for cigarettes, for example, in treating symptomes of inflamatory bowel disease (like ulcerative colitis and Crohn disease) and a few other conditions, only when conventional treatment is not working, and it is only necessary 1 to 2 cigarettes per day, having no bad influence on health in that dosage.<br />
<br />
So, I agree with you, but I think that would only be possible to do through about 5-10 years or so, it can't be all at once.<br />
And there are benefits on using cigarettes to health but only on some specific conditions and low dosage. Because pot can also kill you in large doses or make you skizophrenic for the rest of your life, bur in some specific cases it is also beneficial, and that's why I think both drugs should be equal in legal conditions: illegal except for medical treatment with prescription.

Hey Always- I agree. Cigs are Horrible. Legalize pot. It's much better. And Celainn - I'm NOT boring. :)

OK, we'll leave your stoges LEGAL ;) Afterall people don't like too much change too quickly!!

dont make stoges illegal but make herb legal