The "War on Drugs" is a pathetic, miniscule futile ******* endeavor! Futile! Pointless! Lemme tell you, as I'm sitting here typing this I know more than 30 ******* places I could go to get a hit of ANYTHING. Pac was on to something when he said "Instead of war on poverty they got a war on drugs so the police can bother me" Because you have to understand...you can't possibly ******* believe police are honest people...that is an oxymoron! All these drugs they confiscate off us and you think they dispose of it? Get the **** out of here. The politicians or any one in a  position of authority don't hate drugs! God NO! That's one of the ways they **** us over...They keep them for their own personal use...and it's business. That's all it is it's just business...religion, business. Law, business. War on drugs, business. CONTROL. Because God forbid someone other than them got wealthy! It's a club...my friends. They don't want to keep you safe, they couldn't care less about your ************* well-being! They don't give a ****...it's not about protection. It's about CONTROL. They want you to buy their drugs...see, the American government is all about monopolization...that's all it is. "More for me, less for them". America is a big ******* club, we aint in it! Like Carlin said...We have OWNERS. They want you to buy from THEM, not from your fellow degenerate...THEM. "More for me, less for you". That's all EVERYTHING is about...Tell me what the difference between a ghetto drug dealer standing the **** out 24/7...  and a wealthy doctor is at a visit? Exactly. There isn't one. Except one is perpetuated to benefit, the other to harm. When in reality? They are both detrimental! There is no "War" on drugs, they are getting their ***** kicked, for each brother incarcerated there's 20+ more.. That is something they will never win...And I am glad. **** the system.
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Jan 19, 2013