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As drug companies push their wares on television, cable tv and print media with NO restraints, there is a law enforcement/incarceration industry that is profiting from the war on drugs now entering its third decade.  There is no measurable abatement in restricting the drug trade, and prisons are so overcrowded with violators, early release is putting too many more heinous criminals back on the streets.  Rapists, child molesters, murderers, and thieves.  And, of course, those guilty of taking drugs, holding drugs, making drugs, and selling drugs.

Along with overeating and alcohol abuse, the abuse of drugs, 'illegal' and legal prescription and OTC drugs ruins lives and kills.  However, declaring all that fall within the drug abuse universe to be criminal has not been productive, and is a failed idea.

Normally, I keep this view to myself because it is too inflammatory, but I read an innocent comment on a post to another story that had me scratching my head. In discussing anti depressants, I believe it was cherryblossom that was pointing out that certain herbal remedies worked wonders, but were illegal, such as marijuana and sassafrass. 

SASSAFRASS???  WTF???  I was very certain that cherryblossom had it wrong, but thought, better check it out first.  Damned me if cherryblossom wasn't right!  It would seem that sassafrass can be processed into ecstasy, or something like it.  Sassafrass isn't normally sold commercially due to low demand and small profit margin, and also, lately, because it is, in high enough consumption rates, carcinogenic.  But, common useage within the context of my southern world was for brewing tea and making homemade rootbeer, and in that context, the amounts consumed are innocuous.  There are a couple of sassafrass trees in a wooded lot near my apartments, and I always have a couple of roots cleaned, dried and waiting to be boiled for tea year round.  And that's illegal? This is just nuts.  Come and get me, Johnny Law, you got you a criminal right here. 

You know, when the crystal meth heads started buying the sinus meds in massive quantities to cook it up in their labs, they clamped down on it, and now if I have any sinus problems, I have to go to the counter and ask for it, just like I had to do with condoms back in the seventies.  Now, I can't even have sassafrass in my posession.

Okay, I know it is a large leap from crackdowns on tree roots to a global war on drugs where our army napalms poppy fields and cops carry drug test kits so they can 'prove' that the playa in the Escalade is part of the drug 'world' and they have the right to sieze the caddy so they can use it for 'undercover' work.  But, it is all part of the same power trip from those in positions of authority and law enforcement.

I hate to be paranoid, and I could very well be over reacting, throwing out the baby with the bathwater, but for now, I will be pulling my shades down when I brew a nice hot cup of sassafrass.  Oh, snap! I guess I should start typing "s*ss****ss", huh?  What a world....
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Total bs. Do you know the penalties for sassafras possession?

I'm very, very cynical about the war on drugs, but I think it's naive to pretend that drug-use isn't a vice. Yes some people manage their drug use okay, and yes all drug use is medicinal at some level. But the point of medicine is to make you better, not to become addicted to it. Only in extreme cases are medicines prescribed for a lifetime. I've known so many pot-smokers who are like lobotomy victims, and I nearly lost my own career to that addiction.<br />
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I don't know what the answer is. I do think these drugs shouldn't be demonized, and perhaps they should be decriminalized, but they should be strictly regulated and never advertised. When we try to make a virtue out of a vice we are standing on our heads.<br />
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All drugs give you short term control over your moods but this tends to come at the cost of long term control over your moods. When you take any drug regularly enough it permanently alters your neurology and soon our reason and our will warp in the vicinity of the drug like space-time around a black hole. From the novel Candy; "When you can stop you don't want to, by the time you want to stop, you can't.<br />
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Fight oppressive drug laws but do it with you eyes open. Apologies for my stridency, I'm really still developing my style of writing.

In the sixties local magazines pushed and advertised on the harsh realities of coffee. Today a simple everyday drink that no one really makes a fuss of anymore. <br />
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Now, today my 'CHILD' can walk into a corner store and buy an energy drink full of similar chemicals to that in coffee. A drink I have tried that makes me bounce around the room like a ping pong ball. So what harm is this causing for the children? Do you think this is an open door to my child being a drug addict of the future? <br />
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I have in my time smoked a joint or three and the one thing that bothers me about this is the war sending the growers indoors. Like the tobacco market, what we smoke now is full of chemicals. There are places in my country where you can have a smoke of pot, but regulations apply that limit you to how much you can have and where you can have it. <br />
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As for legalizing the harder drugs I would have to vote no for the sake of my children..........and every chance I get I make a noise about these energy drinks my child can buy from the corner store!<br />
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wow Exorcist - that's really interesting - thanks for all that info. .....

GAWD! I couldn't agree with you more!!! And, not just because I'm a "marajuana-user." It's all a ridiculous, money-making scheme designed by those in positions of power and authority. Drugs are a big-money business for our government, no matter how you look at it! How much of our money do you think the government steals to pay the rent for all the non-violent criminals sitting in a cell? Meanwhile, people like Emerald's stalker are roaming about, free.... BULLSHIT!