The war on drugs is pointless and unproductive

In the UK many crimes are due to drugs.  Burglary and muggings, street prostitution, Landlords finding that their properties have been used for growing cannabis plants with grow lamps.  The list goes on...

This all happens because drugs are so expensive, due to their illegality. 

Imagine if cannabis were legally marketed by tobacco companies and narcotics were available in pure and measured doses from chemists. Tax would be paid on every drug transaction, so providing money to treat addicts.   With a legal supply chain in place prices would come down.  Black market drug suppliers could not compete. Huge amounts of police time would be freed up.  Accidental overdoses would be less likely. Advertising would be restricted, exactly as it already is with cigerettes in the UK, to prevent glamourising the product and carry a government health warning.  Drugs wouldn't seem so appealing or exciting then, would they?

I'm not saying the entire problem would go away overnight.  There will always be people with naturally addictive personalities - who may be gamblers, alcoholics, over-eaters or drug addicts. We will always have to deal with them. 

I just think that legalising drugs would reduce crime, reduce law enforcement costs, generate tax, reduce the incentives for crime by addicts, reduce danger to users, make drugs less exciting to take and the money from taxation could be spent on treating addicts.

Which would be an improvement on the current situation.

CrystalCat CrystalCat
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4 Responses Jan 3, 2007

Big pharma wants us all to be taking their drugs. Through the mass media they bombard us with lists of symptoms and their cures. Are you lonely, tired, paranoid, bored, hyperactive, slow, fast, emotional, menopausal, non menopausal, dehydrated, hot, cold, nervous, drowsy? Take some pills. Do you have problems with eating, sleeping, diarrhoea, constipation, seeing, feeling, listening, hearing, walking, running, swimming, sex, emotions, erections, *******, attachment, non attachment? Take some meds. <br />
They want you to take a pill for every ill. But be careful, medication may cause death, seizures, drowsiness, hearing and seeing difficulties, low energy, hyperactivity or other side effects. If you are unsure, please speak to your doctor first.

Some people have to take prescription drugs on a regular, everyday, ongoing basis to control certain medical conditions. I know that I'm one of these people. Sometimes, certain bacterial infections cannot be cleared up, except with the use of a monitored course of antibiotics. Don't go knocking the drug industry, because one never knows what they're going to come into.

Just a counter point to think about - Legalizing alcohol only removed the criminal element - it did not solve the problems of abuse, addiction, deaths, and destruction of lives. - Don't know what the answer is - just something to think about.