If Drugs Were Legalized...

...we would have so many fewer problems. Gang activity would go down. People wouldn't be stuck in jail for personal habits which the government finds objectionable. There'd be so much less violent crime involving drugs because it wouldn't be dangerous to get them. And then, instead of punishing people for using them or possessing them, they government could do what it's decided to do with alcohol: punish people for ABUSING them, being irresponsible and leading to dangerous situations. At least make pot legal, people! Pot is a relatively harmless drug. It is LESS HARMFUL THAN ALCOHOL. Maybe not necessarily to the user, but to others. I'm sick of the stupid, unreasoned attempts to push drug use down, because all it does is raise crime and make the trade not any less, but only more dangerous.
Christabel Christabel
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What makes anyone think that pharmaceutical drugs are any better, anyway? Lots of studies are skewed as they make billions of cash from convincing us to have ill health - also they are brainwashing people into NEEDING preventative medicine whilst living unhealthily, rather than doing the opposite and endorsing healthy living and eating. Just wonder how close the relationships between the food and drug industries really are!

Legalizing drugs is one example of something I personally do not condone, but will stand for another persons right to use them.<br />
<br />
During prohibition in the 20's we had drive by shootings, gang warfare and machine gun fights in the streets over their selling territories.<br />
Sound familiar?<br />
<br />
We also had uncontrolled alcohol production, where alcohol was cut with various dangerous additives and people died from drinking it.<br />
<br />
Today we have drugs made with no control and dangerous chemicals are cut into them. People die and become sick from them and also people die from not knowing the proper doses.<br />
<br />
If pharmacies could dispense drugs that have been manufactured with quality standards and inform people of the risks associated with drugs and give them the proper doses for use, it would cut down on a lot of deaths.<br />
<br />
There should be a classification for harder drugs that could be sold by pharmacies and softer drugs such as marijuana that could be sold more openly as in liquor stores. <br />
<br />
There should be no distinction between alcohol and drugs, age limits for legal use and so forth. If someone drives under the influence they should face stiff penalties. <br />
<br />
Instead of billions of dollars going to criminals, the government could collect taxes to provide for addition services and drug and alcohol education.

^alcoholics do that too, they become homeless, lose their jobs and families because of the alcohol abuse. <br />
pot is no different. it kills less people. no recorded fatalities, whereas alcohol has more than all other drugs put together.<br />
<br />
everything in moderation. (that doesnt really go for heroin or crack though.... blurgh)

Well, think about how it is now with alcohol and smoking- it's legal for you to drink and smoke tobacco, but it's discouraged and there are serious legal and non-legal consequences for doing it at the wrong place or the wrong time. Why should other drugs be any different? I'd rather see them legalize and take a few risks than watch our prisons get overfilled with drug users while billions of dollars continue to go to dangerous criminals just for a leaf that they happen to control.

But if drugs were legalized, where would the line be drawn? Would it be OK to smoke crack then go to work as a school bus driver? A babysitter? A teacher? Would it be OK to sit on the subway and shoot heroin? If drugs were legalized, there would be so many regulations regarding their use that it would be almost just like now when they are not legal.

I think only pot should be legalized rather then all the other more powerful and more potent drugs. They should also lower the drinking age to 18 -_-

^and it should be your right to smoke pot. It's a recreational habit and nobody should be telling you that you can't do it unless you, God forbid, end up doing something stupid and hurting someone under the influence.

Actually Unicorn, I wonder if legalizing would DECREASE use??!! Think about alcohol. Most teens have tried it or now drink it, why... because they're not supposed to! most people at least slow down on consumption after 21! Anyways, this seems to be the cycle in my town. Wonder if pot would be the same? Although I don't use pot, and wouldn't start even if it was legal, I can show you SEVERAL more LEGAL drugs with worse side-effects than pot! And the street value of these "legal" meds... OMG! It's unreal!

It probably would, everything comes with its own set of problems, but I think it wouldn't be worse than it is now, and there are preventative measures that could be taken.

but if drugs were legal then more people would do drugs, and that would bring big problems as well.

in countries where they have legalized/decriminalized all drugs they find that there is an initial increase but then it all dies down again because legalizing it takes the fun out of it. Also people that are addicts can get a safe, regular supply of their drug without needing to resort to crime or the need to score off dodgy dealers and the bigger effect is that less money goes to criminals in other countries involved in people trafficking, weapons and other horrible things... it's not just about drugs!