I hate wars. Not just the Iraq kind of war. I hate the "war" on terror, and the "war" on drugs. All these wars we give ambiguous names to, what are they? Who fights them? It's all so stupid.

And the war on drugs is just ridiculous.

I mean, here's America, spending billions to stop the drug industry. When are we going to realize that drugs will exist, always, no matter what we do? I don't just mean illegal drugs, I'm talking about pharms, any kind of medication. Isn't a drug anything that gives you a high or has a chemical effect on you?

I Think the so-called war is a waste of time and money, money we could be earning for our economy if we legalized drug traffick. We could seriously boost the economy if you think about it. Jobs would be created for dealing, moderation, all those things.

We would have better control, because we could track who was using what if everything was legal and the government evolved.

And one of the major appeals of drugs is the fact that they are not legal. When your young and you want to stick it to the man, so to speak, drugs are a great way to do it. In our suburban high school we all think its freakin awesome to smoke weed and experiment with other drugs, just to spite our elders. Its also fun! And theres always that excuse that "everyone else does it." So when their legal, its not so fun anymore. If the age for selling tobacco was 14 you could bet your butt that all the kids on our smoking corner wouldn't be wasting their money at the local Lukoil which is conveniently located across from our school (and surprise surprise, they sell to us minors, even though they've gotten busted more times than Lindsay Lohan).

Oh, and think of all the people who would be so much more happier. Even if they do suffer from massive depression, they'll never know it because they'll be drugged up!

Besides all these great features, as an added bonus drug legalization will lower violence! That's right folks, you get these premium features plus less gang and drug violence cause by illegal drug dealing!

So what are you waiting for?! Let's blow Amsterdam out of their beautiful mushroom forests and acid oceans and legalize drugs today!

Note: I know I get a bit sarcastic at the end. I have mixed views I guess. their really are some great benefits, but their are also alot of risks, and i guess we never know what the real outcome of legalization would be for sure. But what the hell? I for one am really sick of paying my so-called friends double what they buy their weed for. I say we legalize and buy wholesale!
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It's silly to have a "war" on a concept, like "terror" or "drugs". <br />
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War on mindcrimes! Stamp out those impure thoughts! Thinking is sinning! War on that!<br />
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