Choice For Some, Imposed On Others

Ignorance is found everywhere, around every corner, about every subject and people. Neighbors are ignorant about who exactly lives right next door. Parents are ignoant about their own children's habits and desires. People are ignorant about their political leaders and whatever agenda truly drives them to do what it is they do.

A lot of this is indeed by choice. We chose to turn a blind eye to our neighbors, to the people walking down the street, even to members of our own families because we do not want to know as it would force us to do something about what we might learn.

Some of this ignorance though is forced upon us by people we have put our trust in. Children trust their parents and will not ask why certain things are presented to them in a specific way. This seems to be innocent ignorance, but it is anything but. In many cases, far too many in fact, parents force their children into a religious ignorance that will shape their way to look at the world and people around them for te rest of their lives.

Lines are clearly set as to what is right and what is wrong. Children are brainwashed into a small world where what they are being told by Elders and church leaders is always right and everything else is wrong. To insure that people do not rebel against these doctrines and rules, members of the church are kept ignorant through controling what they read, see and accept. Everything else is dismissed as fasle and inaccurate.

Without the light of knowledge, these lies imprison people into an ignorance that they cannot escape from. Added to this the forcefulness with which certain organized religion control their own members, it is nearly impossible for any member to break free. Yet some do manage and when they do they are able to look back and realize just how truly ignorant they were and how controlling those whom they had trusted for so long were.
ScottShaw ScottShaw
31-35, M
May 11, 2012