It's no use to be willfully ignorant. It's no use to hide away from the obvious. Things won't disappear because you don't acknowledge them.

Sometimes knowing hurts. It really does, and I know it does. I have once tried to find a truth in the saying ignorance is bliss. But I can't find any bliss in always being the last to know.

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When people get older they get set in their ways and their belief if they held onto them becomes like a second skin, protecting them from the truth. Is anyone really to blame, could it be those who try to explain reality the ones who scare people back into the darkness of intentional ignorance? Maybe most people have been once bitten and are now twice shy? Surely weak mindedness cannot continue. And then there's the people who don't care, the users and abusers, i really don't think the universe would miss them.

I like when you said "Things wont disappear because you don't acknowledge them." I am am environmentalist, and this is basically the thought patten that has allowed the "debate" regarding climate change to continue, and has prevented any real progress from being made to change our ways.

ignorance is running rampant in the world today...some governments like it that way...it makes the populace easier to control...and organized religion works hand in hand with them because people tend to believe religious leaders more easily<br />
<br />
your everyday run of the mill dumba** isn't very different...their parents were probably living in a biased life style like their parents before them and so on thereby passing the dumba** gene along to their children<br />
<br />
it is very difficult to change these people because this is the way they were raised<br />
<br />
the abused child abuses when it is grown<br />
the children of alcoholics and addicts are likely to do the same<br />
etc.<br />
parents that are so wrapped up in their own personal goals will often ignore their children which has all kinds of ignorant possibilities<br />
<br />
i personally try to keep these kind of people at a distance<br />
<br />
hope you like this comment...have a wonderful day