Im Not One To Be Selfish But Its Been Bothering.

Ive been feeling a little bit depressed recently. the other night while my fiance and i were over at my parents house my mom began to tell me that i have no choice in deciding anything about our wedding and that its all about the bride and that if it were up to girls the men would not even be at the wedding. and then she began to go on telling me that at the bridal shower i will be insignificant just like at the wedding and that when we have kids once again i will not barely to anyone. i really dont mean to be selfish but what dictates that the wedding day as well as every other thing in my life that is supposed to be a milestone will be a big event in the lives of those around me but i wont really matter at all. on top of this it has brought tension to my relationship with my fiance most recently because i am an army sgt with a well decorated dress uniform which i would like to wear at our wedding but since our colors are a emerald green and silver and the green on the dress uniform doesnt match according to her she refuses to allow me to wear it on our wedding day. this started an argument because the last time i checked i was a full grown adult capable of making my own decisions. she gets to look her best so why shouldnt i be able to do the same instead of being forced to wear a tux a ton of other guys have worn to their weddings? i think part of this problem comes from that growing up i always had poor self esteem and feelings that nobody cared about me but honestly am i wrong to think this?

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1 Response Feb 15, 2010

I can relate to you... I am 31 years old. I had a similar experience. Honestly i got so fed up with the situation. The moment my now husband got off the place on r and r he said lets go get married. So we did and now almost a year later I am happy and glad we followed our hearts and not mom and dads. Do what you all feel is right. You only get one big wedding day!!!!!!!!!