My best friend of 7 years no longer loves me, so now I feel utterly alone. She was also my girlfriend for about half that time, and was the only person I ever needed in my life. Every other friend I made growing up drifted away, but she stayed by my side for the longest time.

I've been trying to move past her, or at least find another person I could bond with until the heartache stops. I have no other friends who can support me though, so it's very difficult for me not to think about all the good times she and I shared together.

I could use a new best friend, maybe a girlfriend too, but bonds like that aren't forged in a day. *sigh*
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feel free to talk it out with me. you'll feel better

This pain you feel now is "beautiful pain". You could have only fell this hard because someone lifted you up that high. Keep the happy memories, and let time heal the wounds bad memories make. Who knows, maybe you guys will cross paths in the future