recently, I've been very happy. Enjoying my friends and just having a good time. I'm a rising senior in high school and I just wanted to have a good summer but at the beginning of the summer I got caught sneaking around with a boy and got grounded for 3 weeks and lost my parents trust. Since then, I've earned it back but I ruined it 2 days ago. My mom found my friends grinder and bong in my room. Immediately I tried to lie and get out of it but obviously that did me no good. I blamed it on my friend and then my mom went back and told her dad. This friend is one that I've had since 8th grade along with her sister and 5 or 6 other girls I've become close with over the years. Tonight they cut me off. All of them. I think they must have gotten in big trouble or I don't know what but no one will talk to me. They've blocked me on their phones. So in conclusion, my parents have no trust or respect for me, my mom hates me so much right now that I have to move in with my dad, and I only have one real friend left. Im just alone. I know this can change me for the better and I can get my grades up and go to college and make tons of new friends but that doesn't make it not hurt right now. I just want the pain to be over and I want my parents to be proud of me and I want friends I can be happy with. I just need someone to talk to and I have no one.
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18-21, F
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Hey if you feel like you need to talk to someone, I'm here, just msg me if you're interested? : )