Sad and angry is what I've been for a while now.
I'm frustrated with my home life. I don't like living with my super religious family.
I don't think my boyfriend finds me attractive which is hurting me for some reason. It makes me feel defective. Talking about attractiveness is taboo in our relationship. He has so many issues.
I'm tired of walking on egg shells everywhere. **** he's mad at me right now for being mad and sensitive which is something he does all the time.  When I'm feeling bad I usually hide and avoid him.
I know if he knew how i really was he'd hate me and dump me just in a flash.
Whatever this is some bullshit.
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1 Response Dec 8, 2012

Firstly living with a super religious family must be tough... I assume you are not feeling the same way and I understand. As a result you are unhappy with your foundation which means your boy will be affected by this. All I can say is be happy - whatever it takes, whatever tough decisions that may scare you but happiness is always a worthwhile result. Listen to what your Heart tells you is right. If not following a religion will make you a happier person then so be it ( I was catholic turned non believer when I was 25) no matter what religion you or you family believe - it should never be taken seriously as all of them are half made up tales and fables from way back before science discovered and explained many great things that explain our existence factually. (and lots of other cool stuff too)

Basically just be happy and content and your own person, not what your family expects you to be,..you are who you are. Love you. And the rest will follow.

I'm sure your boy was very attracted to you to begin with, you need to be that girl again, be honest with him and tell him how you feel!! He has no idea I'm sure , so no wonder he is finding it frustrating.

But if you want to stop feeling sad and angry ...you need to sort it, and only you.

You need to take responsibility for your own feelings ...if you are sad and angry - fix it. No one said fixing your life's problems will be easy, the opposite. It's tough, that is why there are so many pissed of and sad people in the world wasting their prescious time continuing not to change anything.

It's a brave thing to do and you can only succeed if you listen and trust your own gut instincts.

But be honest with everyone - tell the truth and set yourself free- that's where you begin your personal journey to peace and happiness.

What an emotinal burden you are carrying.

That's all my advice, hope it helps.


Also- just move out of home would be a good idea also,once you live under someones roof you will always have to stick to their rules etc , if you are old enough and working I see no issue in moving

Thank you for the advice. I can't move out because I can't afford to. I can't find a job that I can do. I wrote this in December. Things with my bf have been resolved. I'm keeping pretty busy now so I hardly see my folks. That helps.