So there you are, out in some club past midnight still getting drunk with the "boys", getting hit on by numerous thirsty hoes no doubt, and where am I? At home, nursing my rapidly growing belly feeling like absolute sh*t because I know that the father of my child is a disgusting insensitive pig. I hate how little you care for your unborn child, let alone how little you care for me.
RebeccaLouise9541 RebeccaLouise9541
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Have you told him how you feel?

It's common sense to know that what he's doing is unacceptable, I shouldn't have to tell him.

Yeah thats true, he needs to be with you on your side taking care of you but i guess like today, people don't know how to be responsible like him

Mm :( sorry if it came across as being rude, just so frustrated with everything right now haha.

Its ok, im kinda mad too. Im mad because most girls don't respond to me the next day like if they're using me or something

The entire human race is pretty pathetic these days.

Yep it is, do you like him?

I don't really have a choice do I?

Well you kind of do i mean just because you're having his baby doesn't mean you need to marry him

What kind of life is that for the child though?

Yeah not a good one, does he ever help you?

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