I Am Only Sorry For It Took Me So Long

After i made the choice that I was going to leave. I am the one who was going to say this was a volatile relationship. I knew it was and everyone around me did. The fights were daily infused with smart *** comments and calling out names of degradation. I final just got to the point where I was tired of being the one to hold my tongue and be the one to let it all go. The lies of money and bills being paid. The lies, and lies and lies. Then tell me he "loves" me. Well this another day I woke up and no-one telling me to things while they are gone or don't go any where until he gets home. I am so over all of this I paid nearly and double grand to get out! Hey at least I learned how to spot a con...if they tell you they love you within the first two months.
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I made a correction above - Emotionally UNavailable is what I meant to say - I corrected it but I wanted you to know too! I am going to check into that book! I hope I am a Winnie but I don't know what I will end up being - my husband, though, totally a Eyeore!

believe it or not what has really helped is a book called "The Tao of Pooh"..(yes that Pooh) It helps like yours~understanding different personalities. See each character in R.L. Steins collection of stories has their own unique personality and they all interact in different ways. To understand each character you must first understand the reason they are who they are. Such as the "Eyeor" who is forever depressed and only looks at the sad in life~that is my soon to be ex!! I love Whinnie but my personality is more of Piglets. Always skiddish and worrisome. Running around afraid to breath with out upsetting some one or some thing. Silly but true. Anyway there is that book and "The Bible" of course..lots of characters there huh? lol

Aren't they always - with moments of maturity mixed in, just to mislead us - LOL! Not really - I hope! I am reading a great book that your comment just reminded me of - "Emotional Unavailability" by Bryn Collins - easy read and so much information about different types of Emotionally UNavailable people and how to avoid them and what makes them so - it has been VERY insightful! It is on Amazon.com and about $11 - but I have thought it was well worth it!!!!

2 funny. I have 2 admit with this man that is the truth..(if his lips are moving he is lying)..also if he answers a question with a question. Or if he answers you with a gentle tip of the lip. please be aware of boys pretending to be men...oh snap new story to tell...When men are boys....lol

I meant IF any guy TOLD you he loved you INSTEAD of SHOWING you - EVER - that meant he was pulling a con on you! I was being cynically sarcastic - basically, if his lips are moving, he's lying - LOL! Sorry that was confusing!

what action would that be??? I tell you the only action he can show me now is his *** walking out the door!!

Oh, I was thinking it was if they TOLD you they loved you instead of just SHOWING you by their actions! LOL!