Need Help!! Totally Sad About Life !!!

Hi all,

I am 25, have a good paying okay job, did my masters in business and finance, have a decent social circle, can tell funny jokes and trivia,  physically healthy but somehow i am not satisfied with my life.

I started my first job last year and things have been okay I guess. the company i work for has a  very political atmosphere and my boss doesnt give a **** for my professional development. I somehow feel i am not being valued at work or what I do. To address this I have started to improve my skills in finance by doing certifications and stuff.

On personal level, okay relationships with paretns, mom calls everyday and checks me on. Usually ppl observing my life would say I am having a blast. I go out on long drives, pubs, beaches and trekking. I have no problems in meeting new people but am a bit shy in pursuing girls. One issue is I have never been in a relationship till now, and usually wonder how it actually is. Also sometimes i feel i set the standards too high as even if 1-2 girls show signs of interest in me, I never pursued them. But I fell for a committed girl. Was a good friend till sometime back, chatted with her told her everything about myself, my mind went on and off for 8 months. Finally oneday I talked with her, got myself clarified that I cannot have a relationship with her. I did a lot of stupid things to get her attention and told her many lies, which I confessed to her when i had the final chat. Thing is I usualy have to see her for lunch and all so I feel like ****. Also I have not been on talking terms with her from last 2 months. So whenever I see her, I feel like a total ***.

Two days back I was sitttig across her and she suddenly started talking to a mutual friend. Even though it was completely irrational I somehow felt enraged. So much I could not keep a straight face. I think that something is seriously wrong with me, Need some suggestions to beocme more realistic about life and be more happy I guess!!l

ignominy ignominy
Mar 24, 2012