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Where's The Life I Always Wanted?

I'm a married mom with four kids, I'm in the process of venturing out in my favorite field of work.I'm in a blended family three of the children are mine from prior relationships.and we have one oldest is a teenager UGH. My kids are struggling with having a step-parent.So I live in a house of tension.My youngest (my lil man) is the highlight of my day but I need something more.I have friends but hardly ever go anywhere. I know what i enjoy doing but do i ever do it NO. I have a caring ,kind husband but BORING we dont do anything together.Everyday is the same olde same olde.Often times I question Where's the excitment in my life.i haven't found it yet sometimes I wish I were other people that look like they enjoy their life.I'm stuck and want a change but dont know where to start.
ashay ashay 31-35, F 1 Response Aug 24, 2012

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Have an affair with some1 else so that you you can see some changes in life :)