Does Anyone Have All The Pices?

Does anyone have all the pieces to put me back together? Right now, I feel extremely broken. I feel like I have been thrown against a brick wall, and have been shattered into a million pieces. I can't even begin to put myself back together, because I don't have all of the pieces. I want to be put back togther, be a whole again, b ut I can't, because like with a puzzle, it can't be complete without missing pieces....

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3 Responses Nov 16, 2010

I love what rewayatlover has written it is true. The puzzle may not be the original one, but the new one may be even more beautiful and give you the life you deserve.

why don't you try to create new pieces? you don't need the old ones ,everyday parts of our body dies everyday something inside us die but new thing are born new things inside you are created right now so why don't you take them adjust them to fit in a new puzzle the new you?? :)

i need to hear a bit more from you so that I can create bits of poetry which am sure will make you smile