As Glass Breaks

Like Glass, my life is now broken. Have you ever been able to fix a piece of broken glass? I mean really fix it. I know, you can put tape on it or cover it, or do something to keep it from breaking more, but that is not what this story is about. This is about what happens when the glass is broken beyond repair. That is where I feel I have found myself at this point in my life. Sure, we all have broken hearts and we all suffer from deaths in the family an fiends, but I am talking about not being the same ever again. I knew this was going to happen. ZI mean, I knew that the chances that if this relationship went bad, it was going to go real bad for me. I have spent so much time loving my world and trying to hold it and keep it alive with so many facits. Kinda like a diamond. I saw this broken piece of glass break several times, but I knew I could at least keep it from breaking again or atleast I thought so. Now that the glass is totally broken into tiny little pieces on the ground, I understand that I may not be able to put tape on this and make it ok. I might not be able to fix this so that I can ever have a whole piece of glass to look through again. It just is one of those things now that I must reflect on and know that like the glass, I too am Broken and feel that way from deep inside.
bajayates bajayates
41-45, M
Sep 29, 2012