Does God Have A Need For This

I would think that by now, God has experienced allthat he needs to about broken heart and broken lives. Do you think God has a need for this pain I am caring for or do you think that it is just for me and mine alone? I can only hope to share with someone my pain and sorrow about the one that I felt so very close to over the years. The time has come for me to let that go and move on. It has come at a price so high, I am not sure what to think about the cost. It may be that in this payment there is a plan. Maybe God works like we work. If you can not pay in full today, you can make installments as you go. It will take a little time to pay, but when you are done, it will be yours and you can be happy again. All God asks is that you do not make the mistake of buying something you can not pay for or atleast not so expensive that you find ourself eating your young to pay for it. Yuck.
So I will continue to try to understand and learn from what it is I have done and not done and God one day will say he is pround or not so much as we talk and visit about weather he had a need for this or not.
bajayates bajayates
41-45, M
Sep 30, 2012