The screams the shouts...

Oh How I Love Them!

They yell they beg they cry they die...

Their prayers are sent screaching, higher, and higher than the flames of my personal pyre.

Why oh why then am I the one with fear?

So sudden the cold iron was used. Freezing my skin and aching my bones.

Out came their blades and my tongue fell to their toes.

Gasping and choking the fear settled in. My blood they called for to erase some sin.

Angelica, Betony, Rue, Dill and Mugwart... None in my garden was proof of consort.

They beat me and whipped me with these herbs of Hell's Bane.

Lies and falsehoods they yelled with each hit.

As if I was the one in Lucifer's Pit.

I cured them I held them I soothed their seasons, helping them to excise their demons.

With fire and water, brews I did make, like what you call aspirin from the white willow I did take.

Their schools and their churches all taught me how to scavenge, how to count. Reading and noting the Lords own words, I saved a town from the filth of their own sewers.

Theirs neighbors knew better... I learn on the skewer, Twas I the Necromancer the mob has declared, that siphoned the life from the honoured and well fed.

Placing the Tokens and boils on those from the Crowns bed. Princes of Filth they all were, but this went unsaid.

My Town so beautiful was now a kingdom. I did this for her. I learned the Given arts.

Her Love was so Pure it helped me to know, that this place should be as clean as the Snow. For in Truth decay could not grow. Her Laughter her Love caused my happiness to grow. How little I did know.

She stood there before me all Glorious in the Church light, saying "Don't worry, We will win this fight," through tears and blood, cold iron and frostbite, split lips cracked bones and loss of most sight, I smiled my tattered lips knowing all would be made right.

Into the chapelshe stepped and there... Oh God... She met Sin...

She left me alone to fend against this. Our love was ended over a word from the Priest, Fathers and mother's they call these beasts, gave her a choice of our love or torture of pain or a home I cannot be sure.

She came as I was loaded with pitch branches and flame, to tell me it's over goodbye great game.

She stayed from my sight she hid from my hearing as the torches came in.

That is when I felt the true pain begin.

The beatings the curses, the flames and the whips were as to nothing compaired to her lips.

They scream that she was Jessibell herself, was using me to hide from her own demons within. With others she would lay as I worked for our life.

Insanity began, crushing my plight.

That's when I heard their screams and pain, when the true dark magic of Satan's loins matured.

Evil was here not in me but in Her.

God's own Voice, Enoch himself, came to me and offered his help. "You are no Witch," his southing words hurt, "there is Jennifer, the blackest One, simply nod your head and this pain shall be undone."

The screams and the cries all went silent, and tears of blood from my heart were then ripped. "Alas, I love her," my words from his mouth, "Spare her this pain I beg the for her happiness, OWNedBY my heart, her desires do not cut, it's the tools of which you made her that have torn me apart. I beg to take the punishment you bring as long as one day, in some way her words can be heard, to explain the reason for my hearts burn, Then I shall be glad of this and more for her truth will dispell the lies or bring light to what happened here on the 13th of Friday in In a September moon light."
SinfulBlackSouledRedbird SinfulBlackSouledRedbird
36-40, M
Aug 23, 2014