tonight i feel really broken, but what's worse, is my heart is broken...and its not just a bad feeling, its a horrible curse...

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2 Responses Aug 7, 2009

I have felt like that when the sheer time of taking a breath hurts and makes your body shudder with pain. The agony in which your brain is splitting and aching, and your eyes so full of watery tears that any bl<x>ink you make causes your pain in your brain to pound harder. Where is the numbness you wonder where can it be when with this incrediable heartache stop..... only with time. Best of luck hang in there

Don't worry honey... We've all have had days like these... Wipe your tears and be strong... I know its easier said than done, but trust me... it will pass... Stay strong girl! If you need any help at all... I'll be happy to talk to you... Stay strong, love... xxx