Hurt And Unsure About Relationships

Unsure what to do with my life. I am so chill with most guys in real life, but im unsure as a human that is enough to make me want to continue living for much longer. I mean i got a lot to live for at the moment and realize women are not everything, but to be honest at 26 and never having felt love or been in a romantic relationship I am unsure if i want to keep living this paradox.
Women say to me that its almost your time to meet women and they are sick of the jerks etc. Truth be told, i hate the idea of being the option only after women have been hurt abused and so it feels like because im a decent guy women settle with my type of guy.
I know not all women are the same just as no guys are. The only experiences i have had throughout my life were rejection and only when im at a 9 count do i get a chance...i mean i might stay down for the 10 count.
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i am feeling the same @ the moment

Thank you for sending me the link to this story.

We have discussed this.

Many men and women have not been in a relationship in their early 20's for a variety of reasons. While not ideal, it is not the end all. The best thing you can do is work on yourself, engage in activities that you enjoy, volunteer and get out in the world. By getting out there in life, you will meet people you might never have otherwise.

As you say, you have everything to live for. Now please do so and flourish....