Hi. I have been having this gut feeling that my BF is hiding something. He's told me all about his past life. He says he's different, never watched po*n, never been to a ***** club, never had any s*x relationships. I however, have been having this gut feeling for a while now, so I did some snooping around. A week ago, he lost his credit card while working. Someone took his cards info and used it on a site called F**kbook. The bank give him back his money for it. However, I saw his history on his phone and he had f**kbook all over it. He said he was still missing 40$ for it so he tried to contact them. However the next day, he had it on his history on his work phone. And had some emails from the site. He gave the same excuse. A few days before that, I happened to see his history on his YouTube account and notice he was watching girls doing, well, you can just imagine. He said it was his father. He called his mother to log him off of their computers and told me his mom had caught the dad. Hard to believe since I didn't hear her say it, he did it when I was out of the room. And a few days ago, I notice some other emails he had sent to himself of nude girls from Instagram and Facebook, and pictures of butts for girls at his worked. We talked about it and he said our band mate had used his phone to out them there since his girlfriend and him were switching phones and he didn't want to get caught. He did confess to taking the pictures of girls at work but did it as a favor to out band mate. He talk to him and told him not to do that anymore. Our band mate said he was sorry. I, once again, did not hear this conversation. There this girl named Lexy he used to like but that was way before we knew each other, however they were texting and told him I didn't really like that. But he keeps saving her number. There's this other girl at work. He had her number but told me it was just for business. He did block her though. But 2 days ago, she texted him and he said he didn't recognize the number. I noticed he had a lot of girls numbers in the 575 and 915 area. He used to live in Cruses but he had moved to be with me in 915. I just don't know how to feel about any of this. After thinking about it for a while, I just don't know what to believe at this point. Even after talking about all of this, my gut feeling just doesn't seem to go away. I love him, but all of this just makes me second guess everything he has told me from his past to now. What should I do?
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Well, te first the I would do is some background checking on the story's he has been telling you. That is the first thing. If u are unsure, finding out the truth about that will make you sure. Ask his band mate or his parents about the situations you described. I'm a guy and I afraid to get in a relationship because of this bullshit.