I can't help but be upset that the first guy I ever did anything with (he's not my boyfriend) is leaving for college and I only got to spend time with him 3 days... I didn't think I liked him but we were supposed to hang out today but he's sick so I won't see him anymore I don't think... It really hurts that I won't ever see him again and that everything we did probably many nothing to him 😔
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It obviously meant a lot to you. I would let him know your feelings and find a way to stay in touch if he is at all interested (email, skype, text, phone). Unless you are abandoning this guy it is unfair to not tell your boyfriend.

It was supposed to be like a friends with benefits thing but he was my first kiss and first a lot of things and I got attached... He's going to college and I don't think he'd even care that I like him cuz it wasn't supposed to be anything like that...

From your own logic then you shouldn't care about him. If you are sad that your relationship isn't more than go after it. Don't be afraid to be in love. Just don't drag your current boyfriend along for the ride.

I don't have a boyfriend... I've never had a boyfriend... I just don't want to make things awkward between him and I...

I sorry my mistake. In my opinion it is worth it still to at least make sure you guys have a communication strategy before he leaves. I would even go all the way to tell him your true feelings if you consider him a friend. A good friend won't abandon you just because you express feelings to them.

I mean we text and stuff... We did a lot over summer and I mean idk how good of friends we for me to tell him my feelings...

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