Why Is Love So Hard?

I started to believe that he was the one. And then he tells me that he has a girlfriend for 6 yrs. By principle, I never get involved with people dating/married to somebody else. But it hurts so effing much- I haven't felt this way about anybody in my entire life. Before I met him, I never believed in the concept of Twin-Soul, but when I met him, it felt like he was my twin-soul. We had so much in common: It was as if we were the same person. There was so much synchonicity: We had almost an identical childhood, we liked the same things, the same activities, the same food- down to common tendency to oversalt our food. We would think of the exact same words at the same time, I feel such a sense of loss over what could have been. For a brief while, I was so happy. My whole body would light up at the mere mention of him. Now I feel like there is a big energy blackhole in my room. I feel so drained- I can't even get out of bed. I haven't touched a single text book since my semester started 4 weeks ago. My midterms start in a week. I'm sure I'll fail all of them. But I can't seem to bother. I don't have the slightest energy for anything. I'm an immigrant and I have lost both my parents. When i met this guy, we had such a connection. I thought he was the one, and I'll finally have a family again. I will no longer have to be lonely. But man proposes, God disposes. Every waking moment is so painful- I just want to die!
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Remember humans are pattern seeking animals. What my appear to be mystifyingly congruent with him and you is a self perception. I can think back to my last three relationships and recall at the start, my psyche focussed on things that were similar and not different. Emotions cloud rationality. I know from experience several times over.

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