So Stupid

I knew it was just too good to be true. I fell for someone ....trusted someone ... and opened my heart to someone ...

That someone is well aware of who "they" are.

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Thank you :)

OMG who the hell was it!!! I will put the smack down on their ***!! Hurting my sweet sweet gurl


Why can't for once, something that seems too good to be true just be the gosh darn best?!?

I hope riverside is correct.<br />
<br />
I miss her, too, and I wasn't "in love" with her. But, I obviously adored the young woman, and I still wish her well in my mind every time I think about her.<br />
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And, I always think about you, too, A., when ever she comes to mind.

Thank you sweetie :)

We have to keep our hearts open to the world, no matter what happens. Sometimes it's really hard!!! I know this, well, but it doesn't really make it any easier.<br />
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Bonne courage (becoming my favorite french phrase)

Thank you for your support hun:)

Thank you

thank you every one :) Means alot to me

Sorry about that. Hope you find someone who really deserves to be with you :)

*hugs* i'm here for ya hun

So sorry we have all been there, heartbreak is rough but keep your head up...times heals some things !

hey darling. I know it hurts but i am ALWAYS here to listen (: