Why Do You Do This To Me?

So Yesterday my boyfriend told me that he didnt know what he wanted anymore, Although he still says he loves me and wants me and wants to be with me, but how can he? if he wants them things then why not just be with me insted of asking me to wait around for him to decide at a later date if thats what he truley wants. 

I cant help calling him, and im so sad i just want to move on but i cant because i know that maybe in a few weeks or months his head will be clear and he will want me back. how can i move on?  because i seriously cant, im not hungry, im tired but i cant sleep, He is on my mind always and im wondering if  am too :/ 
AliciaHarms AliciaHarms
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 15, 2011

Don't wait around sweetly!! Why does he get to call all the shots? If you don't feel like seeing anyone else yet, fair enough, but if your putting yourself on hold cause he wants it please don't. U deserve better. U are worth someone who knows without a doubt your the best thing that happened to him ;)

Hi there. I know how you are feeling and I know that this is very hard. Seven months ago my boyfriend also broke up with me. He said to me that he still loves me but he cant commit. He wanted his freedom. We are still friends and we still see each other every week. It is hard to know that he is seeing other girls. I know that the best thing for us to do is to move on. We must realize that there is so much more to live for. We are wonderful, beautiful people. There are so much more to life for than our ex boyfriends. They moved on, and that is what we also need to do. If we are meant for each other they will come back to us. We must let them realize what they lost. Show him that you can carry on without him. Go out with your friends and get involved in new things. Start doing something new and exciting. Join a fitness class or start a new hobby where you can meet new people. This thing that you are going through will only make you stronger. Write down in a diary how you are feeling. Then you can look back at it later on. You can also read it again, when later in live you are going through a break up again. Talk to someone. Just hold on. It will get better. Believe me. It is still hard, but at least I can sleep and eat again. And I don't feel like crying anymore. Good luck.