I Cant Get Over Him..

My boyfriend and i broke up a few weeks ago and i just cant get over him. He was a really amazing guy and i feel like it was somewhat my fault that he broke up with me. The reason for this is because he was always so good to me and tried to make me happy but i was super worried and paranoid that he was either going to break up with me or cheat on me so i started getting in a bad mood and being moody. I was just so worried that something bad was gonna happen that i guess my defenses started coming up and then i just ruined the best relationship ive had. Well a few days after we broke up i texted him and we started talking again like normal, but then we stopped talking. Then a week later some of our friends had a party so we ended up seeing each other there and we ended up making out and whatnot. The next day we woke up next to each other and it seemed like things were good, he said we would hang out and that he would talk to me later because he had to work. I talked to his friend that i met him through and he said that he thought i was going to get another chance so i was really glad. So then we began talking again like normal, but there was no mention of that night or if we were going to get back together or not. I decided not to bring it up and just let him seeing as the ball was really in his court. Well the whole week we talked but he never asked to hang out and i was hoping that we would that week because he was leaving for spain for 3 weeks that weekend. I was really hoping that we would get to hang out so i could finally find out where things were going and what was going to happen, but we ended up not.So now hes gone and i most likely wont get to talk to him or see him for 3 weeks and i just dont know how to feel.Everyone keeps telling me its time for me to just get over him but its so hard. I really dont want to get over him, i just want him back :/ its horrible.
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Well i dont want to tell him because im afraid he doesnt feel the same, i dont want to be one of those clingy exes. Also, i usually never get back with my exes and i never want to because i feel like we broke up for a reason in the first place then its just gonna happen again and he feels the same. But this time its different because i feel like if he would of given me another chance icould have showed him things would be different. Im not sure if ive been cheated on before but ive had suspicions and i feel like it seems as though guys always cheat and he just seemed to good to be true so i was just being stupid

Tell him what you told us(EP). Also, WHY were you afraid of him cheating? If you've been cheated on before, you need to level with him n tell him about it, and (if you get back w/ each other,) realize this is going to be an issue you can't skate around and you'll have to work on. Good luck to you! *hugs*