Do You Know How It Feels?

does anyone else know how it feels to hold someone you love, you can never hold them close enough, you literally want to melt into there body and even then you dont think youd be content with it? I love someone that much, i would die for them and it hurts because i know and admitt to myself he does not love me back even though i gave myself to him and offer everything i have for him and he still is not happy with me. I get a lump in my throat when i look at him because he is so good for me, i want all of him, i want him to only want me, it hurts to see him because i love him and he does not love me.
Hope4567 Hope4567
4 Responses Aug 24, 2012

I've felt that way to, and honestly if he can't accept the fact that someone loves him that much then he doesn't deserve you cause I feel that way about someone and its the perfect description about how I feel about her, you are a great person and if you need someone to talk to you can talk to me I care :)

Yes, I DO know how that feels! Genders reversed. Our love is forbidden but we both ache for each other. Just holding each other close, she sad those very words this morning... "I wish I could melt into your body." It is a beautiful desc<x>ription. Thanks Hope.

You are so sweet, bit he does not sound capable of giving the love u desire. I know how it feels. Believe in yourself, some men would give anything to have the heart you have, and they wud cherish it and return that love making u feel like a princess. Bless u. X

many know the feeling<br />
<br />
i loved someone and marreid them and i still love then to this day and i miss them so bad some times i just want to join then <br />
but to do that i would have to break my word that was given at the age of 13 when i ask mybest friend to become my wife<br />
that was 1961 we married 12/27/1961 she was killed a few years later in viet nam the day after i was soot down and reported killed in action