Broken Hearts And Vodka ;(

I've just been drinking my pain away but the more i drink the harder it becomes and the source of my misery is my own business x(
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5 Responses Sep 9, 2012

You must have been sad that it was my birthday and you were missing the party.

The surface of your heart needs to break for the inside to grow; the new outer layer will shield and protect you for many years to come - take care!

Just drink red wine. It's good for you. Or learn to make a decent cocktail. Caipirinha is my favorite, and I have a juicer to make them.

Seriously though, get better drinks. Just vodka? No wonder alcohol's not cheering you up. As for the source of the heartbreak, well you didn't say anything about it so neither will I.

Do you think that your drinking might have something to do with feeling suicidal. Yeah, I'm in AA, but after 40 years of active alcoholism and drug addiction, it saved my life ******!

Well, drinking your problems away isn't good for you.

Oh :( Well, what makes your happy then?

Oh :| So you cut yourself then?

Oh :( I'm sorry about that.
Well, if you do ever feel the urge to do so, try to find out why, and try to calm your mind. Sounds silly, but it does help me get better when I'm worried.