Heartbreak At It's Finest.

I left my boyfriend of three years at the end of June, 2012.
I left because I was sick and tired of fighting and I felt too weak to try any longer. He and I tried everything, even premarital counseling!
Immediately after I left him my heart was demolished, I knew I was gonna regret it and I did. I did not dare anyone know it was killing me inside, though. I went and partied every night away instead of focusing on the break up (that did not help, by the way).
A week after we split, I found out he was ALREADY in another relationship. This, I thought at the time, was the ultimate heartbreak. I was so torn apart to know that after three years he just moved on so quickly.

Well, two more weeks went by and he texted me telling me he missed me. My stupid *** shows up at his house, and we spend every single night together for the next week. He told me he got rid of the other girl and he and I were going to make it work this time. We were discussing meeting with out Pastor for relationship help, I believed all of this. I thought my relationship was going to be better than ever. That was all lies.

I caught him with that girl one evening. I found him and her leaning up against his car at a mutual friends home. I went up and confronted him, he tried to lie to save his ***, I showed the girl all of our texts and phone calls. He then got honest. Turns out he never told her it was over, he was with both of us at the same time. When I confronted him he told me "stop trying to ruin my relationship with her! leave me alone, I don't love you".. I did not know a heart could break that much.
I had no clue. He is still with her. He and I obviously do not have anything to with one another and never will.

I still hurt every single day over this. I don't have anyone to talk to about it, all my friends and family this I'm crazy when I cry about it or bring it up.
The truth is my heart is still demolished.

I had to get it out there. So, there it is. My heartbreak story.
1 Response Sep 24, 2012

This is horrible to hear it makes me so mad anyone would hurt someone else . It's good you're out of it he was an *** for what he did and you deserve the best .