Me and my boyfriend have been on and off for over a year now. I truly feel in my heart that we were meant for each other but he keeps having inappropiate conversations with other women. I confront him about it and he says hell stop and hes sorry for hurting me but the same thing keeps happening. he said hes been trying but for some reason he cannot stop. Should I just let him go or is there a way we can work on this together? Our sex life is great, we live together, play together. Overall we have a good relationship. But the conversations feels like betrayal to me and its now to the point where its on my mind everyday and its ruining our relationship. He said he thinks its best if he leaves because he cant keep hurting me. But there must be a way we can work on this together. I love this man with all my heart. Itd save me a bunch of hurt if he just left, but I cant seem to let go of him. Please help
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Yes, if the things you have written is true, you guys would not go along in the long run. Just use your gentle way of expressing an acceptance for he is not meant to born for you. You can still be friends nevertheless if you want to. Yet, betrayal will sooner or later come up to your way if you can't stop right here
Believe me.

You cannot have a healthy relationship without trust. If there is no trust, then there can't be a relationship. Why would you want to spend all your time worrying if he is breaking your trust? I can't completely understand the situation because you did not tell us the type of inappropriate conversations he was having, but I am pretty sure I can guess.
He said he maybe he should leave because he doesnt want to keep hurting you? Well, if he didnt want to keep hurting you, then he shouldn't continue these convos with other woman! Obviously he does not wish to give up that, so I think you should find someone who values you.

Darling u need trust other wise there is no relationship, he says he's sorry and he loves you but clearly he wouldn't be doing that if he ment it sounds like a bad apple to me! Ino its hard I have my own problems but u either need to let him go or forgive him and start building some trust again u both need to be open to each other and communicate more , if u wanna let go u need to stop all contact its hard due to the love but give yourself credit your worth more sweetie good luck x