Broken To Pieces

a cute boy use to live with me cause his mom was friends with my mom and my mom told me to try to be friends with him so did my dad so i did then we became really really good friends and when my parents left... me and him were talking and playing then he kissed me and i kissed him back .he cheated on his girlfriends with me and everytime i was sad he would hug me and make me feel better but now he moved and i see him everyday at school and we don't talk to each other i don't know why but every where i go i see him or something that reminds me of him sometimes i even cry because i told him that i fell in love with him he didn't care.....that hurt me alot
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18-21, F
4 Responses Nov 17, 2012

Perfect example of how pretty girls are always messed up in some way shape or form.

sorry about that loss but i think he just wanted to, you know. Need some cheering up?

since he was living with you, it was a bad idea to get involved with him. you'll have plenty more boyfriends. more love. forget about him and move on, honey. it will get better.

If you're 13-15, you're still young and it sounds like he used you out of convenience. Don't feel heartbroken and don't waste your feelings on him. You have many more years ahead of you and many more opportunities to meet someone who respects you.