Big And Small Things

The smaller things in life used to make me happy.
A simple gesture from a stranger, an innocent child smiling to me at the super market and also the ending of a good day.
Those small things could make me smile, and make my day like nothing else could. It was the source of my happiness.

Until I go something bigger, called love.
My happiness depended on that person.
Their text messages, photo's and words made me happy.
But also his touch, kisses and attention did.

It was something big that brought me happiness, which made me forget to notice the smaller things in life for a long time.
And after I lost him, I also lost my big source of happiness.
To all of a sudden have to live without that, isn´t very easy.

Because if you are used to the big things like being in love and having someone who cares for you, the simple things like a stranger´s kind gesture won´t make you smile so easily anymore.

And it´s a long way to recovery, but I´ll make it.
CactusHugger CactusHugger
3 Responses Feb 9, 2013

Hhhmmm .....
in each well lived problem calmly careful though not easy.

Yeah, thanks for reading my story.

Hey...I love d way u want to overcome all this....I vish i was also strong like u...:'(:'(....LOve suxxxxxxx....n hurtssss a lotttttttttttttttttttttt...:'(

I am not storng at all, believe me.
If you want to talk, I'll be there for you.
But do something about your grammer :/

hello cactus, am also in looking for a chance like this. pleas send me yours details and lets hook up.and am sure you happiness will be store.

Yeah... no.
Forget it.
Just because I'm heart broken doesn't mean I'll hook up with just anyone.