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I Guess So...

Maybe not me but him...I dumped him because I was suffering he said things that really hurted me my heart got smashed into pieces when he said to another girl that he never gone out with me and he liked someone else that really hurted me.

I was faithful I was always soo true to him when he was sick I would call him and ask how was he feeling?? I use to love him soo much but he soon forgot about me he was a popular guy I was just a loser just a quiet girl.

Sometimes I would cry for him stay up late for him...Be there when he was alone but we were soo different I knew we couldnt be because we are in two separate worlds...we cannot be together how much I wanted to come up to him and worry together...I wanted us to stay together...

It was too hard sometimes he would just stare at me with those blank eyes. He didnt need to change his hairstyle I thoughted it was cute at the first. I remembered when I got bullied he did nothing not a simple "Are you okay?" was heard.

Hopefully...he got happiness now he got another beautiful,smart girlfriend now Im really glad his happy...I learned to let go of him...To let go...I dumped him even if it hurted me I had to because all of my friends were saying he was a dickhead he didnt thought of my feelings anymore...So I dumped him I saw him smiling and hanging around his friends. If I said it now when he was laughing it wouldnt hurt...

His girlfriend once I was picking a book the teacher was like hurry up I stumbled a bit because I was shy and so I quickly grabbed the book called 'The year of the rat' she snickered maybe she didnt like rats but I think they are cute.

All the hugs...the I love yous...the kisses..the holding hands..the SUFFOCATING embraces were sweet...cute...I love them all...

I cant forget you because you're my first love but now Im feeling better because Im starting someone else...and maybe this time he can be there for me...


LilMissInnocent LilMissInnocent 16-17, F 1 Response Nov 13, 2008

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Since you wrote this, I hope you have met so many more <br />
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F R I E N D S!