Hurt's So Much

My boyfriend broke up with me just over a week ago now. We had been together for about 3 years and 4 months. We had a great time together and he was my best friend. We had little arguments like most couples but nothing major. We was faithful to each other and loved each other greatly. A week prior to our break up we hit a dry patch in conversation and he's decided that this is an OK reason to break up with me. Feels like the 'Spark' isn't there anymore, feels like there isn't much to talk about, has no interest in anything that I say anymore... It came as a HUGE shock because we had a great xmas. Spent loads on each other, he spoilt me on my birthday which was a month laster and then got ME a valentines day card (were not big celebrators of this so was a really nice surprise). Then all of a sudden i get the conversation that has just literally shattered my world to pieces. I can't process this information. I don't understand where this came from. it's so sudden and my heart is just dying. i have so many questions and feel so confused. I'm numb but in pain all at the same time. I don't know what to do with myself. I want to text and ring him every second and tell him he's made a mistake. Why won't he give us a chance to re-ignite this 'spark'. I just wasn't ready for this and obviously wasn't ready to be apart from him. I miss him so so much and i can't even imagine how hard this will be in a few months time. I'm afraid i'm going to buckle under this weight in my heart. How do you let something so amazing go so quickly? I really need to let go because i'm not used to feeling like this.
He's made it clear we have no future.

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I know it hurts now but you will heal over time. I understand how you feel.<br />
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I am sorry.<br />
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it hurts alot.. but other person never understand our feelings.. it was like i want to ......

I totally understand you guys. I am going the same. But believe me, let it go. My bf and I were rock solid and then suddenly he changed. He lost interest and was only focused on his own things instead of us. Although I did not do somethiing to win him back, but we got back together (I wanted to break contact, and suddenly he realises that he loves me too much to let me go). <br />
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I was thrilled ofcourse. But in the end, it doesnt work. We broke up again. It's just that you cannot let go. That hearthweigh that you feel is that you are holding on something that is flying away. Everyday it drifts further away and you have to pull harder. We tried again, but within 2 wks he start acting the same as before the break up. Having some1 in your (love)life that is not fully commited to you, will make you unhappy anyways. So it's probably better to let him go. <br />
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We broke up this monday and I am still in pain. So I do understand EXACTLY how you feel.

Hey, I just experiences the same thing. My boyfriend and I were two weeks short of our 4th year together and I'm so depressed!!! I don't know what to do anymore please help!!!!