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A Series Of Sneaks

I feel that life is nothing more than a series of moments. Moments that can mean utterly nothing, moments that make you stop and think, moments that completely change you. They are often quick, subtle and fleeting, the important ones sneaking up on you when you least expect it. They are the very things that end up defining you, shaping who you are, and how you view the world.

I've been dwelling on moments I've missed with a particular young women of late, and it's kind of been depressing me. I've been distracting myself so that I don't have to think about it (I've never liked studying for Finals so much), but in the end, my lost moment, my missed opportunity to seize Fortune, has come back round to haunt me. I hate this feeling, one of regret, of loss, of failure. But I kind of had a revelation tonight.

You could say, I had another moment. I was listening to Spoon and walking home from a long day of studying at the library, and A inevitably creeping into the forefront of my mind, mocking me, making me feel guilty. But suddenly, a thought occurred to me. Yes, I missed my moment with this girl. But if life is indeed a series of moments, there'll always be another moment one to seize. This one was a big one that got away, but if feeling this awful has taught me one thing, it is that life goes on. "So it goes." Another moment will come along and sneak up on me, and next time, I might finally have the courage to take advantage of the moment, to seize it. Because I couldn't feel worse about missing this one.

There's always another moment. Will you seize the moment, or let it slip away? After missing this one, which I feel was a rather important one, I hope I'll have to courage to grab the next one, before it passes by me, like so many other before...
KeasbeyNights KeasbeyNights 22-25, M 1 Response Dec 17, 2010

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Beautiful story..and encouraging...I will most definitly seize the moment!