Tell Me Where the Road Turns

I know that it may not be true but that is the way I feel I have spent the majority of my life with the wrong man. And when I got the courage to finally leave I look around and it seems there isn't anyone left everyone's in love, already established or on the verge of getting married. They are riding off into their happy sunset while Iam here in dim lighting cause I missed my chance.
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2007

Recognising that he is the wrong man is sometimes the hardest part. But you've done that, which means you are now free to go looking for the right one. Enjoy the hunt! ;)

Given that the average life expectancy is around 80, and you're not even past 30 yet, I'd say that statistically speaking it's really very unlikely you've spent the majority of your life with the wrong man.<br />
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Perhaps the majority of your life *so far*. <br />
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My point is not really about the mathematics. Just that if there have not even lived half your years on this planet yet, that is an awful lot of time left to meet someone better.<br />
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Of course, we usually find what we want when we stop searching so hard for it :)

Keep on looking. Love is out there for everyone. Sometimes it is not easy to catch and not right around the corner,you have to be patient and let a little more time flow.Peace,j