Ive been through quite a lot and i feel like ive lost my self battling through them..

My story is quite..i must say uncommon. Basically my whole family lied about my own identity. I believe them that they did it for a good reason. To protect me.

As a child i was raised thinking my grand mother is my mum. My grand father is my dad and my mum as my sister. My grand mother had 3 children. Me being the '4th' one i thought im the youngest.

I didnt find out til im 13 when i saw my own birth certificate for the first time. I have never heard of the name that was written on the dads side. This is when we moved over to the Uk. My 'sister' took me to UK with her husband which is my stepdad and her son being my half brother.

I had a good relationship with my mum when she was my sister. But The truth ruined everything. I kind of drifted from everyone. Lost trust. Felt betrayed. Felt alone. Im trying my best to treat my sister as a mum. Its so hard.. I dont get along with my stepdad we dont fight verbally or anything. We just dont speak to each other really.. Like invisible people.

I had anger issues, tried to kill my self and lost my self after all this. Which had ruined my relationship with my ex bf who i went out with for 3 years. On and off. We are still seeing each other but not together. I dont know exactly what i want and i just feel so lost that i dont know where to find myself anymore. I want my old happy self back. Its just hard no matter how hard i try.

If you are reading this until now. Thanks for taking your time. I feel like its much comfortable saying these to people i dont know..
eyeris2195 eyeris2195
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2014