Life, one blink away from destruction, one heartbeat away from death.
Everything can change within seconds, your whole world can alter so easily without your consent.
The world doesn't care, people don't care. you're in it by yourself, but what's the point of even trying by yourself if you know your not good enough? There is a difference in being good enough for someone else and being good enough for yourself. Self image is a powerful and brutal thing, it can be so powerful that you starve yourself because you're fat and no one likes fat girls. It can be so brutal that you stop taking selfies because the camera can't stand how ugly you are. It doesn't matter if your friends call you beautiful, it's in their job description. I would rather a stranger do it, but then again that stranger would have to be blind.
The world will do what it wants ad when it wants. Nothing is going to change because you don't like it, you have to do it yourself. But what's the point in even beginning to try when every single time you have been knocked down to the ground and being held down there by your own demons that are now worse because of society. **** you, **** me because we are all going to be gone one day and hopefully one day soon.
Why bother living if you're only just surviving? Might as well start digging my own grave..
If it wasn't for me, maybe peoples lives would of turned out for the better. I see myself as poison, everything always seems to die when I'm in the picture. Just put me out of my misery, either kill me or let me have the courage to do it myself! Make me brave enough and don't leave any marks on the people left behind. They would be better off without me anyway..
BleedingOut BleedingOut
18-21, F
Aug 17, 2014