School And Mentoring

I'm taking a full load of classes in addition to taking on a mentoring program. The mentorship demands 7 hours a week, which is actually less of a time commitment than my previous job as a librarian person. But I'm worried that this job will be demanding in a way that being a librarian wasn't. I'm accountable for people now, not just books. I have to be social as my job. I'm scared that the stress will knock my perfect GPA, and that I will drop some of my classes to balance. It's very terrifying for me. 
Mdear Mdear
18-21, F
1 Response Aug 8, 2012

Change and new things are terrifying, but you can't know if mentoring will be stressful or not until you're in there and working at it. It also largely depends on the personalities of the people you work with. Don't try to predict the future because your anxieties will drive you to expect the worst possible outcome. I'm certain you will kick *** at mentoring - and you may find it easy if not rewarding. Here's hoping at least!