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Never A Good Time To Share How I Feel

So overwhelmed. I keep everything inside because there is never a right time to talk to anyone. I need to let a lot out and I cant because my moms bday is coming up and my grandparents are staying with me my mom and dad soon. I push everything aside so that I dont ruin any upcoming events for my family. I talk to my friends about it sometimes but I need to let my family know whats going on with me. Im very depressed and I dont know what to do.
NRF25 NRF25 26-30, F 1 Response Oct 8, 2012

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How come you need to let your parents know whats going on with you?...

yes i know. its just never a good time. ive had a really bad week and then my mom just found out her step sister has cancer and she is really upset. my mom is also having a bday party for me tomorrow night and i told her i didnt want one 2 weeks ago. no one listens. and now i was trying to vent to my aunt and she wasnt listening and i flipped out on her and now she is making me feel bad about not wanting a party and that its not all about me and that its my moms christmas party. well why cant it just be that??? i dont mind not having a bday party for me. im just extremely upset.