Packing Up Parents House

My dad passed away suddenly over a year ago. Mum passed away in 2004. So I am at their house - now my brother and I's house, packing it up. I am feeling overwhelmed because there is so much stuff!!! My brother is away working - although until 2 months ago had been living at the house - but I think that he is even more unable or incapable (is that the right word?) of dealing with it all than I. Dad was into his historical research and was in the middle of a few projects I guess when he died as there is so much stuff!! Boxes and boxes! And dad really hadn't got rid of much of mums stuff when she died. And I am here by myself - my brother is away working and his partner is due back here I think in the next couple of days. Which will be good to have some company again. My brother came back for a few days but didn't do anything in the house (packing wise) but worked in the garden - though did go grocery shopping and stocked up on a heap of food as I haven't worked since July (used all my savings - bla bla - thats another story). Cooked dinner too etc. Anyway - after a few days of going solid at the packing it starts to get to me - I did drive 3 hours to stay with a friend for 3 nights break last week. Anyway so its getting to me today - another coffee to ease into the day - I have been waking up anywhere between 2.30am and 5.30am some mornings. Today was 4.30 but I haven't done much except sit on the net this morning for an hour as I haven't been online for almost a week I guess except to check the weather.
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Oh dear, that sounds so difficult! It seems from what you wrote that breaks help you recover from thinking about the huge amount of work to be done. I say, take frequent breaks! Just get out of the house for half the day once it gets to you and come back (semi) refreshed. It will all get done. Slowly but surely.
Just be sure to care for yourself in the mean while.
Hugs to you.

I know how it feels to loose a parent. It can take awhile to go through the grief. I still have my father left and have become over protective with him. Hang in there it will get better