What's Wrong With Me?

i used to love to get catalogs in the mail and look at them.  now they go straight into recycling.

in the past i would write my holiday cards out before december 1st.  this year i didn't touch them yet.  christmas is next freakin' week!

i used to be a nice person, but now i hang up on those solicitors that call, or slam the door in thier face.

this year i didn't buy anyone a christmas gift, an di don't expect any in return.

i stopped cooking.  i eat a big salad (pre made by the store) for dinner, and if i am hungry, i'll nuke some microwave popcorn.

i wear the same clothes 2 and 3 times in a row before i wash them.  (i don't work work with people).

i don't watch tv and i can't read books anymore.  i haven't seen a movie in awhile (i was never a big movie watcher anyway).

in some ways i have learned patience, and yet in other ways, i have no patience for things.  why did it all change?  i feel so different than i was.


OldLoser OldLoser
3 Responses Dec 16, 2008

I feel just like you all have described. Now I'm just laughing it off. I really don't care about anything except survival and my small family.I don't know why we go numb..give up. Maybe we grew too tired to care, fight and develope. I'm going to embrace ..It could be better then knocking myself out, every single day of my life!

i don't feel like i'm who i used to be either. i feel like i'm changing, but i don't know who i'm becoming. the withdrawal from people and the abandonment of social conventions, the general i-don't-give-a-**** feeling, well i can truly relate. are you female, possible in perimenopause? that's what i've attributed mine to.

sounds like a big case of the blues..depression.I saw it on TV.Tell your Doctor and there are meds to help your mood.I have felt the same from time to time.It goes away and can settle back. Could be a great time for a check up. Really, I get what you're saying!