Well Quit Zoning Out Then....

now did you know....

The ring of Saturn tilts at the same degree as Lil' Jon's hat in that one video?

I would guess that it is only that way because my dogs robot mentioned something at dinner last year. 

In other news

Scientists have learned that refridgerators can still do the magnetic dance from the desert in Uraguay to Stockholm, but somewhere in the middle they get caught up in gang territory and things get a bit 'hairy'.  And angel hair noodles have a lot to do with SS warfare, I mean come on... look what happened at Gettysburgh!  Anyhow, I still think that the true algorithim for sedement rock formations are rarely stuff of stories people.  I mean the movies make them look SO pitted, and SO oversized.  Like potatoes would be if Ross Perot won the election.  Not that I care how his name is spelled, let alone the secret of why milk chocolate is only made in tertraherdrons.  I think Alpine mints are better anyway...   it's not like I'm taking a quiz or something

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A faster planet might help - a least with the tetrahedron if the stamp stays on the box.

of my post. For them, too much kink ruined their ability to think.


Elf smiles as his brain falls out of his head

lol... you liked that huh lmao

its random... points are not needed

So.... What's your point??!