I Am Feeling Stronger Today

Toxic relationships have gotten me down most of my life. A like minded souldresponded to my post today and hit it on the head that narcissism has something to do with my picker being "broke. Well I am feeling stronger today and the encouragement that I am strating to receive from folks that have been and are still going through things similiar is letting me knkow truly that i am no different and the problems that i am facing are no better or no worse than others. It is good to be alive today and looking forward to bigger and better things in life. It is hard though to sit still and not really know what is coming next. But I am looking forward to a brighter and more fulfilling life with turly healthy people. I understand that healthy will of course be on a case by case basis and that I will have to be extrememly patient to see the truth for what it is about people. But I am felling stronger today that I will do a much better job of seeing things for what they ae instead of trying to make them what I want them to be.

disciple0829 disciple0829
46-50, M
Mar 5, 2010