What Have I Done To Not Be Happy.

I am tired. I am so sick of it. It is so unfair. I don't want to continue anymore. Why am I so.. me that I cannot have a girlfriend. Am I that ugly. I am to shy, I am short, I am to "not your type." Why is it that people around me have a girlfriend and I sit alone. I don't know this game. I want to **** too. Why cant i get a girl I like, but girl that I dont like want me. I am sorry you are not my type. You are sorry well I am sorry too. You didn't give me a chance. Because I can love more than any boyfriend you have had. I can care for you more than any Boyfriend you had. And I can listen to you. Always. Why should I give my virginity to a girl that has already had the fun in her life. And I havent? Why that wouldn't be fair. How will you help me? Send me a girlfriend? I really wish that that if Life was to end that I could die first. But if I was to commit suicide I want to jump Of a Large Building.
I want that relationship I want it so much. People tell me the more you want it the more it wont happen. But I am just to shy to talk to girls, or I dont have the selfesteem, because of my small penis. If I cut it and leave it I can bleed to death. maybe I can try one more time. It is sad I, i, i have more than 20 + registrations for dating sites, and yet only gays write, they find me attractive. If I was to become gay I wont live with myself I will end it right there and then. WELL it was nice talking to you. Maybe we will meet.
ForeverAlone92 ForeverAlone92
Dec 16, 2012